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The New York State and New York City Bar Associations have Lawyer Assistance Programs staffed with full time professionals who provide confidential services relating to the assessment, evaluation, and referral for treatment and interventional training strategies, on issues relating to impairment due to addictions, depression, and other mental health issues, including alcoholism, drug abuse, stress management.

The New York State Bar Association Lawyer Assistance Program's (LAP) stated purpose is to:

"Provide education and confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, law school students, and immediate family members who are affected by the problem of substance abuse, stress, depression or other mental health issues. Its goal is to assist in the prevention, early identification and intervention of problems that can affect professional conduct and quality of life."

All LAP services are confidential and protected under Section 499 of the Judiciary Law as amended by Chapter 327 of the Laws of 1993.

LAP Services are confidential, voluntary, free and include:

  • Early identification of impairment
  • Intervention and motivation of impaired attorneys to seek help
  • Assessment, evaluation and development of an appropriate treatment plan
  • Referral of impaired attorneys to community resources, self-help groups, outpatient counseling, detoxification and rehabilitation services
  • Information and referral for depression
  • And training programs on alcoholism, drug abuse and stress management

NYSBA Lawyer Assistance Resources Now Available Online!

Visit www.nysba.org/elap and use the access code NYLAP to get instant access to a robust resource network.

The E-LAP program offers more than 2,000 articles on mental health topics, assessments, self- help modules, and direct email communication with a lawyer assistance professional in an always-available and easy-to-use format.

The brief registration process requires users to establish a password. This password-protected site offers complete privacy and confidentiality. Users can now comfortably and conveniently explore resources to keep them healthy or seek answers to any concerns they may have.

Their advice is free and, pursuant to Judiciary Law section 499, communications are confidential. You may contact Program Director Patricia Spataro at the NYS Bar at 800-255-0569 and Program Director Eileen Travis at the NYC Bar at 212-302-5787. Locally, the Bronx County Bar Association's liasion to the lawyer assistance program is William Peterman who can be reached at 718-515-6000.

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