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If You Are Considering Bankruptcy or Have Filed for Bankruptcy A Confidential Consultation with a Bronx Bar Referred Lawyer Can Help.

If financial difficulties are forcing you to consider bankruptcy or maybe you have already filed for bankruptcy, a Bronx Bar referred bankruptcy lawyer can help. If you have not yet filed, Bankruptcy attorneys will evaluate whether bankruptcy, including Dept Discharge Plans (Chapter 7), Reorganization (Chapter 11), or Dept Repayment plans (Chapter 13),will be in your best interest and otherwise suit your needs.

At the Bronx County Bar Association, we will easily refer you to seasoned, reputable and proficient attorney who practices law in New York City, and the surrounding New York City areas, including Long Island, both of Rockland and Westchester counties, and quite often areas across the New York Metropolitan area. Our referral service offers many screened lawyers with expertise in New York State laws. As a part of the lawyer referral review process, so that the high integrity of our referrals is maintained, each Bankruptcy lawyer in the Bronx County Bar Association referral panel is not only fully accredited to practice Bankruptcy law in both Federal Courts and the state of New York, but they also must also be highly reputable, effective in court, and skillful, personable and above all competent. Do Not jeopardize your rights, by hiring an unqualified and/or otherwise incompetent bankruptcy law attorney.

Begin with the Bronx County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service to Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer, Know for high quality legal work and good service.

It's simple and confidential. Call us at (718)293-5600 or you can email us. Our pleasant, qualified team will pay close attention to your specific bankruptcy consultation lawyer needs, and will help connect you with a Bankruptcy attorney that you agree to consult with..

Exactly How Much Does a 30 Minute Confidential Bankruptcy Consultation Cost?

$40. Consulting by using a Bronx Bar Association referred Attorney will assist you to learn exactly what you're dealing with in terms of your financial situation and possible bankruptcy situation, and is a really good deal. There is a $40 consultation fee for Bankruptcy law cases which entitles you to one-30 minute session, using the bankruptcy law attorney we refer you to and you decided to meet with. The consulting attorney isn't going to request any more payment during the entire 30-minute legal consultation. The administrative referral fee is payable by cash or money order only.

Right after the first meeting, if you opt to do so, you may ask the lawyer expense of more advice or legal representation. Apart from the $40 legal referral fee, there'll be no further fees owed to the Bronx County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, and you're not obligated to use the Bankruptcy lawyer with whom you consulted.

Please, Call us today today at (718)293-5600 , or e-mail a very brief summary of your circumstances, to us, by clicking here. Referral hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and then we are closed for referrals on Fridays. Meetings with the referred to attorneys usually are held at our offices situated in the New York State Supreme Court Building, Room 124, 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451-2937.

The Lawyer Referral Services is not-for-profit public service offered by the Bronx County Bar Association.

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