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Have You or Has Someone Close to You been a Victim of Abuse at a Nursing Home, Elderly Care Facility, or by Anyone Charged with Their Care in Bronx County?

The Bronx County Bar Association not-for-profit referral service can help you consult with an Elder Law and Nursing Home and Health Related Facility Abuse Attorney. Please Call (718) 293-5600 or you can reply here.

Often, we think that Abuse of the Elderly and infirm as something we read about or see in the media. If you know anyone that has been hurt in an elderly care or other health related facility, or while under the care of another, caused by such nursing home, health related facility, negligence or intentional act(s)? Or has someone close to you been injured from the neglect of an elderly care caretaker?

Although Nursing Home and Health Related Facility Abuse is rather rare, but it nonetheless still occurs and it is very unfortunate that when someone who is vulnerable and dependant on others, such as an elderly and/or otherwise health challenged individual is abused or neglected because of the abuse and neglect by people who are charged with their care. Therefore you need an expert screened elder abuse and/or an elderly care facility lawyer, who is going to protect your rights and the rights of your abused and otherwise neglected loved ones, and help them and/or you get them/you to an environment where the elderly and/or otherwise infirm are treated with dignity, respect, and with the good care they deserve by the people with whom they are entrusted.

At the Bronx County Bar Association, we could easily refer you to an established and dependable attorney who practices Elder Law in New York City, and also the surrounding New York City areas, including Long Island, each of Rockland and Westchester counties, and quite often the areas around the New York Metropolitan area, and in some cases throughout New York and other States. Our referral service encompasses a multitude of screened lawyers with knowledge of New York State laws. As a part of the lawyer referral review process, so that the high integrity of our referral process is maintained, each Elder Law attorney within the Bronx County Bar Association referral panel is not just fully accredited to practice Elder Law in the state of New York, but they also must be highly reputable, effective in court, and skillful, personable and most importantly competent. Do Not compromise yours or your loved ones' rights, by hiring an unqualified and/or otherwise incompetent Elder law attorney.

To Get The Lawyer You Want Begin with the Bronx County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service.

It is very simple and confidential. Contact us at (718)293-5600 or you can send us an email. Our pleasant, qualified workers will pay close attention in with direct you to an appropriate lawyer, for example an attorney that specializes in Elder Law and Abuse, who is a reputable, skilled, and qualified attorney who is correct for you, and who you will be happy with.

How much Does a 30 Minute Confidential Consultation Cost? $40. Consulting using a Bronx Bar Association referred Attorney will assist you to learn precisely what you're dealing within terms of your legal situation, and is an excellent deal. There is a $40 consultation fee for Elder Law and Elderly Abuse related cases which entitles you to one-30 minute session, utilizing the Elder law attorney we refer you to, and you make a decision to confidentially talk with. The consulting attorney will never request any more payment throughout the 30-minute legal confidential consultation. The administrative referral fee is payable by cash or money order only.

After the first meeting, if you opt to, you may ask the lawyer the cost of more advice or perhaps you will work something out with the attorney, if you decide to do so about further consultation and or representation fee arrangements. Aside from the $40 legal referral fee, there'll be no further fees owed to the Bronx County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, and you're simply not obligated to hire the Elder Law attorney you consulted with.

Please, Call us today at (718)293-5600, or e-mail a very brief summary of your circumstance, to us, by clicking here. Referral hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and we are closed for referrals on Fridays. Meetings with all the referred to attorneys are frequently held at our offices situated in the New York State Supreme Court Building, Room 124, 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451-2937.

The Lawyer Referral Services is not-for-profit public service offered by the Bronx County Bar Association.

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