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the Bronx County Bar Association has numerous committees which provide services to the public, lawyers and the judiciary.

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CIVIL COURTS COMMITTEE - observes the operations and make recommendations with regard to the functioning of all parts of the Civil and Supreme Court of Bronx County. The Co-Chairs of the Civil Court Committee is Tina M. Wells, Esq. and Robert H. Wolff, Esq.

CRIMINAL COURT COMMITTEE - observes the operations of the criminal court and the criminal part of the Supreme Court and makes recommendations with regard to the functioning of those courts. The Co-Chairs of the Criminal Court Committee are Marvin Ray Raskin, Esq. and Chris M. DiLorenzo, Esq.

- arranges for lectures on topics of current interest to members of the association. This committee also serves as a lead on setting up continuing legal education lectures, seminars and presentations. The Chairperson of the Continuing Legal Education Committee, Criminal Division is Corey A. Sokoler, Esq. and Civil Division is Donna Cook, Esq.

ELDER LAW COMMITTEE - monitors and disseminates information to the members of the Bar concerning legal issues affecting the elderly and disabled. 

FAMILY & MATRIMONIAL COMMITTEE - examines the operations of the Family Court and makes recommendations with respect to the functioning of that court. The Chairperson of the Family & Matrimonial Committee is Sergio Villaverde, Esq.

FEE CONCILIATION COMMITTEE - the Bronx County Bar Association along with the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the New York County Lawyer's Association are members of the Joint Committee For Fee Disputes and Conciliation . Information can be obtained from the New York County Lawyers' Association at 212-267-6646 prompt 6.

INSURANCE LAW COMMITTEE - this committee reports to the association on all current developments concerning insurance law and serves as a resource for members of the association securing insurance.

JUDICIARY COMMITTEE - this committee endeavors to secure the nomination, election and/or appointment of qualified candidates to serve on the bench in Bronx County and also to prevent the nomination, election or appointment of unqualified candidates. The Co-Chairs of the Judiciary Committee are  Michael J. Barsky, Esq. and Patricia Luca, Esq.

- observes the operation of the landlord and tenant part of the Civil Court, known as the Housing Court and makes recommendations to the court on the functioning of those parts. The Co-Chairs of the Landlord and Tenant Court Committee are Frank J. Loverro, Esq. and Eric Wughalter, Esq.

LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE - is dedicated to dealing with large issues that affect our bar association. We are exploring ways to expand membership. We are networking with other bar organizations. We are working to improve our relationship with the judiciary and increase involvement by the judges of Bronx County. We are investigating any problems within the four courthouses-Civil, Criminal, Family & Landlord/Tenant-and finding solutions to better serve our members. The Chairperson of the Leadership Committee is Christopher M. DiLorenzo, Esq.

- studies the operation of effective legal assistance to the poor including the activities of the Legal Aid Society and other governmental funded programs to provide the legal services for the poor, as well as oversee the association's legal referral program and the selection of members of the association to handle cases under Section 18-B of the County Law. The Chairperson of the Legal Services Committee is Lester C. Rodriques, Esq.

LIBRARY COMMITTEE - maintains the operation of the Library of the Association and continues to update the technology provided to members. The Co-Chairs of the Library Committee are Alan B. Friedberg, Esq., Daniel Chavez, Esq. and Karin Arrospide, Esq.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - reviews the application of all prospective members of the association and determines whether a prospective candidate shall become a member of the association. The Co-Chairs are Donna Cook, Esq. and Stephen Iannacone, Esq.   

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE - provides scholarships annually to worthy students. Two scholarships, the Honorable Peggy Bernheim Memorial Scholarship & the Craig Lensch Memorial Scholarship, are awarded to law school students; the Kenneth Kase Memorial Scholarships are awarded to the two winners of the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Program. In addition, we offer the Gerald V. Esposito Memorial "Courage" Scholarship to a Bronx-domiciled high school student who has been accepted in college and who has exhibited courage and character through their high years. The Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee is Alan B. Friedberg, Esq.

SURROGATE COURT COMMITTEE - examines the operations of the Surrogate's Court and makes recommendations with regard to the functions of said court.

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