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Supreme Court 2021 E-Filing Training

Please see the attached from the Court regarding E-Filing Training.

Supreme Court 2021 E-Filing Training

Civil Courts Committee Update - January 2021

The Civil Courts Committee met with Administrative Judge Gonzalez on 1/7/21.

The Courthouse is still working 100% remote.  There are eleven Judges who are working in the building, the rest are working remotely. In person appearances are still not being held; Judge Gonzalez noted that this may continue until September 2021. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams has extended licenses free to the Courts so virtual appearances can be conducted.

In addition, due to the uptick in COVID, only 25% of the staff is in the building on a given day; the staff is working in 2 week rotations.  As such, please note that there may be some delay in the entry of items but rest assured that the work is being done. Your patience is appreciated.

Motion Practice, Discovery & Conferences:  Judge Gonzalez referred to an existing Administrative Order from Judge Marks that requires all parties to engage in good faith to resolve discovery issues without burdening the Court with needless motions, Orders to Show Cause, and conference requests.  Although all attorneys were advised about this issue in the past, it must be raised again because Judge Gonzalez noted that attorneys are not following orders on motion practice. She made clear that any Orders to Show Cause for issues that fall under the Administrative Order will NOT be signed. This practice only serves to delay more urgent matters.  Please ensure that any OTSC does not violate the order of J. Marks; if it does, it will not be signed. In addition, as previously advised, motions or Orders to Show Cause that appear to be baseless in light of the current circumstances will likely not be signed or will be denied outright; e.g., an OTSC for trial authorizations. It is imperative that the Bar understand that limited staff and the overwhelming work the Courts face allow little room for unnecessary motions.

Along similar lines, Judge Gonzalez advised that attorneys are failing to appear or be fully prepared for conferences that are being scheduled by via Microsoft Teams.  This is wasting valuable time that could be spent in other areas.  If you have requested a conference and received a Teams link, PLEASE appear and be prepared. This is so even if e-courts/elaw show that a case was adjourned; make sure that the conference is confirmed and that you appear if a conference has been scheduled via Teams. Only cases for which you have received a Microsoft Teams link will be held remotely.  If you have received ONLY an ELaw notification, please do not assume the case is on for a remote conference.  You must have received a Teams link for the conference to be held.  Contact the appropriate part if you have any questions.

Update on the Judiciary

Congratulations to Judge Brigantti who was recently appointed to the Appellate Term by Judge Silver.  She will be an excellent addition and we wish her good luck as she takes on this new role.  Judge Brigantti will continue to handle her MV inventory.

Newly elected Supreme Court Judges Bianca Perez, Andy Cohen and Kim Wilson will all be sitting in Supreme Bronx.  The plan is for Judge Cohen to take over Judge Sherman’s inventory and for Judge Perez to move into the MVP part for Judge Barbato.  

Judge Douglas is handling the guardianship matters that were previously handled by Judge Johnson; she will continue to do so until at least February 2021.
As many are undoubtedly aware, Judge Julia Rodriguez has taken over for Judge Torres and has been regularly holding remote conferences.
Judge Hummel is now handling one third of all MV cases along with Judge Brigantti and soon Judge Perez.
The Law Department is working on the remainder of Judge Tapia’s motions that are still pending.
Judges Gonzalez (Doris), Rosado, and Brigantti will handle custody cases transferred from Family Court.
Judge Armstrong, who is working remotely, handles the Tax Certiorari matters and may ultimately receive some of J. Tapia’s cases.

We have been fortunate to secure 3 Judges for 2021; these Judges will be working remotely even though they normally sit in Brooklyn.  We welcome Judge Dawn Jimenez Salta and Judge Theresa Ciccotto and welcome back Judge Edgar Walker.  The plan is for Judge Salta to handle the inventory previously held by Judge Rodriguez; Judge Walker is to handle the inventory of Judge Miles, and Judge Ciccotto will handle some matrimonial cases and possibly the inventory previously held by Judge Ruiz.  We will keep you updated on these assignments.  

SEE HERE for Judge Walker’s remote rules.

We are also including Judge Silver's Part 19A Preliminary Conference Rules and Conferencing Rules.  Attached are Judge Silver's PC form and Stipulation form.  If you have matters in Judge Silver's Part please familiarize yourself with the rules.  

Lower civil has welcomed back Judge Matt Raso and Judge John Howard-Algarin; Judge Wanda Negron has been assigned to Bronx lower criminal and Judge Michael Frishman is now in Bronx Family Court.  We are happy to have them all back in the Bronx!  

Foreclosures:  Foreclosures are all stayed per an Executive Order until February; however, if an individual completes and returns a form to the court, there will be a stay until the end of May 2021. Judge Gonzalez intends to place these foreclosure matters on for 6/6/21.

Surrogate's Court:  Surrogate’s Court remains 100% virtual, except for pro se matters. The entrance remains only on the Grand Concourse side of the Courthouse and only non-attorneys can drop-off papers in the bin provided at that location. All Surrogate matters should be e-filed.

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Using COVID-19 as a Springboard for New Marketing Activity




Janet Falk, Esq. and Eric M. Sarver, Esq.



January 12, 2021


Time:          1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Check In:    12:50 P.M.
Cost:*         FREE to Bronx County Bar Members

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Credits:    One (1) Credit in Area of Professional Practice


Peter T. Ridge, Esq.                                                                                                                                         Donna L. Cook, Esq.

President                                                                                                                                                         Chairperson

                                                                                                                                                                         Civil Lunchtime CLE Program


*Financial Hardship Policy: “Any person who submits an affirmation demonstrating financial hardship will be permitted to attend this CLE course without charge.”

Ethical Considerations for 1031 Exchanges




Eric Brecher, Esq., CES



February 4, 2021


Time:          1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Check In:    12:50 P.M.
Cost:*         FREE to Bronx County Bar Members

$10 for Non-Members


Credits:    One (1) Credit in Ethics


Juror Perceptions of Women Litigators


Jurors not only instinctively pick up on the way in which other attorneys, judges, etc. treat female litigators, but also often hold gender biases of their own, before ever setting foot in the courtroom. This CLE examines the history of women in the courtroom with an emphasis on how past perceptions can influence jurors’ judgement of female attorneys in today’s world. Drawing upon data collected from various psychological research initiatives across the country, this course focuses on the legal implications of the inherent implicit and explicit gender biases held by jurors. Strategies for combating gender bias in the courtroom are also discussed.




Rachel York Colagelo



March 8, 2021


Time:          1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Check In:    12:50 P.M.
Cost:*         FREE to Bronx County Bar Members & Bronx Women's Bar Members

$10 for Non-Members


Credits:    One (1) Credit in Diversity





Lunch with a Judge Teams Talk
   Monday, February 22, 2021
   1:00 pm    
Judge Adrian Armstrong
Supreme Court Justice, Bronx County
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